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Default Alternative battery system for Futaba 14MZ (/12Z) radios

I recently purchased some 2400 mAh Peerless batteries from Fromeco ( for powering my 5014 G3's. Upon arrival, I immediately noticed that they are slightly smaller than Futaba's 14MZ stock battery ... see Futaba vs. Peerless.

Always looking for a new project, I decided to make a cable to allow using these batteries in my favorite radio. With some copper fuel tubing and a Futaba female J-pigtail, I quickly rigged up a suitable cable ... see Cable. Pigtails were a bit short for my taste, but they suited the project well.

Even with the Deans and extra wiring, the battery is a perfect fit inside the battery compartment of the 14MZ ... see Battery installed. The battery itself keeps all the connections in place and the latch on the battery door prevents the battery from sliding out (just like the stock battery).

I already had a few flights this morning with the new setup; works like a champ!!! So not only do I now have a higher capacity battery for my radios, I can easily charge them with any LiIon charger, great for on-the-field charging.

Additional pictures can be seen HERE

I sent Kurt (from Fromeco) an email regarding this to see if he would make a product specifically for this application. As I mentioned, the 2400 Peerless are slightly smaller than the Futaba battery; it should be possible to have a board that fits flat in the battery compartment and provides necessary connections to simply put the battery in and go. Here's a drawing I made of a possible board ... see BOARD. Such a board would lock itself in place (like Futaba's battery do) providing for a more sturdy connection. I'm anxiously awaiting Kurt's response!

As is usual, consult your warranty information.
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