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Originally Posted by CHOPPER PATROL View Post
Ultimately with the DX7 you can setup D/R and then adjust left and right piro rate to match each other in the rudder travel adjust. Is this correct Bob?

I enjoyed the videos but would like to know why with a 401 gyro my gain setting was 56% and with the JR770 the gain is only 15% (DX7 radio). This threw me way off when I initially set up the 770 as I tried 55, 60, 70, 80% until I realize I had to be much closer to zero. The tail was wagging wildly about 30 to 45 degrees at first (ya scary).

Thanks Bob for all your hard work, you answer all the questions I would have, that would take many trips to the field to get answered.

Exactly what i'm waiting to find out about .... 14% on the gear channel and it floats all over the place... 15% and it ocasionally wags and bounces!! I'm still thinking there maybe a fault with the gyro. It would be great to see this gyro setup on a 450 too if you have the time Bob... I'd be interested to see which servo hole distance is best and which mounting tape/foam is used... As per my last post, i've tried quite a few combinations so far and am happier with a Logictech 2100
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