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Originally Posted by Gutaaaooo View Post
I had my 770 3d (Don't know if there is a diference from the normal do the 3D?) with a 3500 on my T450 and it held much better then my 401s, but then I wanted to get rid of those tail rod guides, so I just got them out, and epoxied a CF tube on the rod, just like Finless did on the Aurora. Now I get this very slow, like a hole second from side to side wag, no matter what I do with the gain. I tryed all the possibilities from the tail drifting, to the very fast wag.

Can anyone help? The rod is very rigid, but has no suport from the servo to the tail. I love this "clean" look on the tail, but I've already boght a new set of guides as I cut them out, didn't think i would need them again, and didn't want to take the taill out.... the easy just became dificult....

I have it set up like this on my raptors, witch has much more vibration, and there is no problem with the 401.
What type of tx are you using?
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