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Since no answer, I went ahead to shift out by one hole which is roughly 14mm instead of the previous 11mm.
Tail slide reverse flight and piro flights but tail holds rock solid.

Originally Posted by hotdogbun View Post
Hi Fin, I need some advice.
I am using JR G770T with Futaba 9257 on my Protos.
The servo ball link set at 11mm from centre of horn, I am not getting full throw on the tail slider even with Gyro's servo throw at maximum. Reason for setting to 11mm is because if I use another further hole, it seems to be quite far out. With all this, I am causing the link rod to rub against the rod guide.
Strang thing is, my gyro is holding rock solid even at fast tail slides and reverse flights.

My question is, can i use a further hole (3rd from centre) on the servo horn? With this hole I do not need to max our my Gyro's servo throw and the rod will not rub the guide.

Many thanks.
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