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Originally Posted by houstonrevo View Post
I am setting up the 770 on my protos. So far, I am 13.5 mm out on the servo arm. when the arm is 90 deg the travel on the tail is right at the middle. servo on the boom clamp with the Futaba gyro tape and no metal plate in between
End point set at +/- 150, dual rate at 85%, expo at 50.

Gain initially set at 40% on HH. The tail was OK while hovering except at the end when I sat it down on the grass, it was wagging very badly.

So I lower than gain to around 26 on HH

I hover it for a flight and the head drift to the left very noticeably but no more wagging.

Should I...
a) play with the gain more
b) remount the gyro with zeal tape
c) change the servo horn to 10.5 mm out and max out the servo travel on the gyro
d) rerun the gyro wire so that it is not next to any other servo wires
e) use metal plate?

Or combination of the above?

I have solved the bounce back problem on the right piro, I used aligns metal giro plate with two lots of self adhesive pads and a Velcro strap, the tail is real solid now and the stops on the tails are crisp fast with no bounce back , it now feels like a different gyro , now its awesome gyro when you know how it works.

The gain on the 770t is vary sensitive try the metal gyro plate and the foam pads and also lightly strap the giro down with Velcro

Keep trying with the gain only down by 1 at a time 770t is vary sensitive
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