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Originally Posted by davy View Post
Hello Guys

I have also a JR770 on mine trex 600.This is the baddest gyro I've ever had.I tried realy realy everything.I have a Futaba FF9.
In the manuel they say (works only with Jr equippment but Iam trying to believe this.I have some strange boucne effects when during hard stops during side ways maneuvers.First I had the gyro in front on the gyro plate now its on the back,but without any change.
My gain is 9% if I go a little hyer its chaking realy bad.
If someone has a good setup with a ff9,tell me please.


Try these settings on your Futaba Radio:

My End Points are maxed out at 140/140
Gain is 25% Futaba gain scale is 100---0---100 so no math required, everything right of 0 is HH gain
Dual Rates are set at 50%
Expo is set at -40
The ball is mounte 11.5mm from the center of the servo shaft(8900 servo)

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