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I agree witih David, why would anyone want to try to compete with Sony if their packs are not at least double the capacity of hte Sony packs.

I don't know about you, but I'd jump at chance to purchase (one-time) an interface for the Peerless (or Relions as Phae mentioned above) that would provide freedom to charge-at-the-field and use any suitable LiIon charger for battery maintenance.
This is the only advantage I can see is that you could charge at the field if you wanted without having to wait forever on the charger that comes witht he 14mz. Also as a long time user of digital cameras and camcorders, I know that the stock charger leaves a lot to be disired in teh peak charging capabilities and the ability to spot trouble with the packs like you can when you can see the MAH replaced and where it peaks. I guess it is user feedback and yes it iw probably worth a few $$. I will wait until I can get 4000+ mah packs before replacing the Sony cheap and reliable packs.
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