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Originally Posted by RCfan
CR-2500 to charge 14MZ is a joke ... don't know many folks that like to put their radio away for an hour or two while the battery charges.
All of these batteries have a max charge rate of 1C, all of them will take an hour or more to charge.

Yes, you can have one or more spares that require the same retarded cradle charger and give no idea how healthy a pack is until it probably fails in the middle of a flight.
I do not agree that the cradle charger is "retarded", it does what it is intended to do. BTW, the CR-2500 tells you what went back in. Not that this is really all that useful to know. Loss of flight time tells you as much or more. And the final issue is that lithium packs are notorious for being extremely hard to predict EOL on.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with having alternatives ...
I agree completely as long as they are real and useful alternatives.

To me a second pack works very well, at the same cost, and does not require any modifications or others wiring to use.
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