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Talking with Bob of Aerospire yesterday, (he was wondering when you were going to visit? ),
Where? I forget where Aerospire is located?

Only the limitations of the firmware and the designer cause that to happen. Assuming a reasonably fast processor for the work.
Agreed... but up until now trying many govs and never really using a rev limiter until the AR7100, the Rev limiter has worked better than any gov I have used, UP until using this multigov... I am going to have to try limiter mode on the MGP just for grins...

FYI the 65 low point for the V is relative to the heli setup too.. The center throttle mark is not always 1/2 power depending on the engine, pipe, tuning, etc! So I bet the 65 he is saying is using OS 50 hyper? For instance with the Align gov 65-70 works best on a 600 OS 50... On the 700 you need 80 for YS but about 70 for OS. On my 600 with the MPG I have 70 and it seems fine and probably close enough to 65. Haven't tried the MPG on a 90 with a YS yet.
Also I bet what pipe you use and tuning of it will effect power / RPM at specific carb locations so 65% on one might not be the same on another.
Anyway all I am saying is plugging in 65 for every heli is probably a good starting point but you might have to tweak depending on setup.

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