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Default Align T-Rex 250 vs. Gaui Hurricane 200SE V2

I've done a short comparison of the T-Rex 250 and the EP200SE V2. In order of pictures posted.

The Align T-Rex 250 nose-to-nose with the EP200SE V2. They're about the same size in every dimension.
A shot of the EP200SE V2 head. You can also see some of the new (lighter 17g as opposed to the 27g on the V1) green fiberglass canopy. BTW, the EP200SE V2 comes with 2 different flybar options to adjust the cyclic response to your liking.
A shot of the T-Rex 250 head with the 205mm rectangular main blades. The 250's head is basically your standard Align head shrunken down to 250 size. You can also see some of the pre-painted canopy which comes in at 15g.
A shot of the 250's airframe. Also very similar to the other T-Rex series helis from Align, though the 250 has a couple unique design features;The gyro tray located at the back of the airframe and the forward motor mounting position.
The same shot as above, but of the EP200SE V2 airframe. As you can see from this picture, the battery tray can be adjusted allow for larger electronic components like the Futaba receivers, and to better adjust the COG, as that was an issue with the V1.
A shot from the left side of the airframe of the EP200SE V2. This does a good job of showing the differences in the mounting apertures for electronics between the 250 and EP200SE V2. The EP200SE V2 servo mounting holes angled more toward the ground.
The same shot as above, but of the T-Rex 250. You can see the Futaba GY-401 mounted inverted on the gyro mounting tray, the motor mounted forward towards the battery tray, and the receiver mounted on the upside of the gyro mounting tray.
A shot of the T-Rex 250 tail rotor assembly. As with the head, the tail is basically the same design as on all of Align's other helis, just smaller.
Here's a shot of the EP200SE V2 tail rotor assembly. It's much improved over the V1 design, but isn't very similar to the T-Rex 250's tail assembly. Both are very nice tail assemblies, and are nearly slop free.
Here's the EP200SE V2 without a battery on a scale showing 268.6g. This is a completely stock, production EP200SE V2.

Here's a shot of the T-Rex 250 on a scale showing 283.7g with the exact same electronics as the EP200SE V2 above. This is also without the battery. As predicted, the T-Rex 250 comes in heavier, but is also designed around a 3s power system.

Hope this was helpful. I'll answer any questions the best I can.
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