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Originally Posted by Finless View Post
Probably not. I am not really interested in a heli this small. I have no where in my area with an indoor flying area and for me living near the coast we always have pretty good winds so it would not get flown much.

If Align asks me to and supplies everything needed then I would probably go ahead and do it just to help out people getting this heli. BUT currently I have a back log so even then it would not be until the beginning of the year.

I appreciate the honesty. If Align doesn't offer a kit and all components in exchange for build review and videos they are nuts. I'm sure you generate a ton of business for them!

T500CF: 9650's, JR 770/ 3500g w/ step down, stock motor and esc, torque tube, alum upgrades, kasama tail w/ heim joint CW's , radix main and tail blades
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