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Very honest Bob,



Probably not. I am not really interested in a heli this small. I have no where in my area with an indoor flying area and for me living near the coast we always have pretty good winds so it would not get flown much.

If Align asks me to and supplies everything needed then I would probably go ahead and do it just to help out people getting this heli. BUT currently I have a back log so even then it would not be until the beginning of the year.

With a great degree of self, The relevance of whether or not the 250 will get increased sales is pales in significance, when it comes to your geographically less than stategic significance when it comes to challenging and windy situations, not to mention as we age things that are small appear smaller and of course faster.

I have privilege to be of first hand experience to absolutley acertain the above facts. You are definately, "A Man For All Seasons". I commend you for your stoic resolve and absolute resolution to not deviate from any verbal colonostic refraction therof rendering your innermost sanctions to be such as unattainable by any means other than surgical.(I am sure JK will send u one) I take my hat off to you Bob.

Cheers Chris
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