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Originally Posted by Finless View Post
Where? I forget where Aerospire is located?

Agreed... but up until now trying many govs and never really using a rev limiter until the AR7100, the Rev limiter has worked better than any gov I have used, UP until using this multigov... I am going to have to try limiter mode on the MGP just for grins...

FYI the 65 low point for the V is relative to the heli setup too.. The center throttle mark is not always 1/2 power depending on the engine, pipe, tuning, etc! So I bet the 65 he is saying is using OS 50 hyper? For instance with the Align gov 65-70 works best on a 600 OS 50... On the 700 you need 80 for YS but about 70 for OS. On my 600 with the MPG I have 70 and it seems fine and probably close enough to 65. Haven't tried the MPG on a 90 with a YS yet.
Also I bet what pipe you use and tuning of it will effect power / RPM at specific carb locations so 65% on one might not be the same on another.
Anyway all I am saying is plugging in 65 for every heli is probably a good starting point but you might have to tweak depending on setup.

Honolulu. Go by the field on Kapaa Quarry Road (over the Pali Hgwy) on Sat or Sun afternoon, and he should be there. Darn, if you had been there LAST weekend, we would have hooked up there. I just just got back on Tuesday.

NO, the 65 is just a point to give a nice slope to the curve for the Gov. In Gov mode, the throttle curve ONLY is used by the gov for look forward, to anticipate the need for higher or lower throttle before it the RPM changes.

In LIMITER mode, yes, the throttle curve sets the max throttle for that point.

But in Gov mode, the MGP just needs to see a nice slope, but not too steep, to see the changes.

In fact, the MGP should work with a 100 - 0 - 100 curve, other than too steep a curve being an issue for some reason.
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