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Originally Posted by cgal_1 View Post
I'm trying to set up a GP700 in a trex600.
I've set the ball 10 mm from the centre as suggested, but have way too much movement, stalling the pitch slider. Can I then use the limit setting to reduce this to how far I want the slider to go?
I tried this, but then got part of the stick movement for which the tail didn't move, which didn't seem right.
Should I use end point settings on the transmitter?
I'm new to heading hold gyros. Am I doing something stupid?
Any help much appreciated.
I set my gp700 the same way I used to set jrg550t.
  • use the stated servo arm length
  • set everything up 90*
  • use max travel in the radio
  • use the gyro to adjust the endpoints to prevent binding
  • then use dual rates in the radio for your piro rates
slow piro rates setup this way will a yield a stick movement where the stick and the servo endpoints are the same(none of the dead stick movement you talk about)

faster piro rates will have differing amounts of that dead stick at the end as you will be using a higher dual rate.

My setup with this gyro on my T700:
30% dual rate in normal - very mellow piro but with full stick movement
45% dual rate in idle1 - pretty darn fast piro with just a little dead stick at the end
55% dual rate in idle2 - holy smokes its a piro blur with about a 1/4 deadstick at the end.

the dead stick really does not matter because you never need full rudder stick movement. ..well atleast I don't and I'm definetly no Zsabo or Riva!
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