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Default Octane 20 great experience!

I bought a Octane Dominator 20 at a swap meet. It was in really bad shape. Nothing worked right. I called Irvin from Quick World Wide (QWW) and he told me that if I sent the bad parts, he would replace them . Alternatively, he invited me to come to his shop to help me fix it himself. I drove to his shop and stayed for two days. Not only did he give me a workbench to work on and lent me any tools I did not have but he and his co-workers helped me to bring the heli to perfect shape and test fly it. The heli is now working perfectly. He was really helpful and I highly recommend him. If anyone has a problem with this heli, they should call him as he will help them happily.
I read a few bad reviews on QWW and I just wanted to say that I had a great experience with this shop and Irvin. It was the best service I have ever gotten from any hobby shop.
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