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First of all: great writing

I have just setup my Fury Extreme together with a 14mz – using the Step by Step guide from Ben Minor.

Regarding point 2:
Does anybody use the subtrim to get the swash plate level?

Regarding 10 – Linkage compensation.
When doing this (on the aileron) I looked on the screw on the swash plate for the “Auto-rotation” unit.
But I noticed that I have to use + (positive values) at one pitch end (lets say +10° pitch),
and – (negative values) at the other pitch end (-10° Pitch)

But this is not possible.
If changing the values from + to – it also change at the other pitch end……

What am I doing wrong.

My values in the swash detail are:
Mixing Rate:
PIT to AIL 99%-90%
PIT to ELE 97%-96%
AIL to PIT 90-120%
ELE to AIL 41%-59
ELE to PIT 40%-65%
Linkage Compensation
Low Pitch
Ail - 0% 30%
Ele - 30% 30%
Ail - 20% 20%
Ele - 30% 30%

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