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Default 250 setup...

Originally Posted by alignrcusa View Post
thank you for your setting go through!

one thing that everyone need to be watch out! if you set up T250, do remember set you swash mixing around 40%-45%(40% of swash mixing will give you 10 degree of pitch) tail won't holding good if you set too much of pitch!
Do you mean the "Expo" settings or the "Aile/Elev/Pitch" Swash mix?

I cannot find the setup for that part.

I just bought the super-combo 250 with the Align servos and AlignGP750 gyro hoping to get a great flying bird out of the box.
Since new I have always had a occasional slow "drift" that drifts, and returns to original heading by drifting back, or faster "dog-wag" when increasing
the gyro sensitivity to about 70 ( Spectrum DX6i box).
The tail will acts the same with a Spectrum 2100T gyro as an alternate test.
I notice a small amount of play between the tail rotor blades and the tail slider assembly (new) and cannot tighten down the assembly that I know of.
I seems to me that the Align DS420 servo has the strength to hold but cant figure out how to resolve my symptoms....
Could I ask for your advice?
Heli withdrawal is awful !!!

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