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Default Trex 250 Build Videos by Jasmine

OR is the build thread good enough? I think it's pretty good and will be using it on my build. The reason I ask is because I want to see some interest before I do it. If you've watched my Blade 400 videos, you know I have a tendency to go way overboard with the details, and it takes me quite a bit of extra time to do these videos.

Anyway, if you want build videos, please post and let me know what kind of details you want to see and what you think I could skip over. I hate doing a video and then finding out there's a common trouble spot that I didn't show.

Part 1 - I did a quick un-boxing video showing what comes in the Super Combo.
Trex 250 RC Helicopter Unboxing (15 min 33 sec)

Video Link -> Part 2 - Assembling the rotor head and flybar cage.

Video Link -> Part 3 - Servo installation

Video Link -> Part 3b - Servo Setup

Video Link -> Part 3c - Radio setup (Spektrum DX7)

Video Link -> Part 4 - Installing the main gear, shaft.

Video Link -> Part 4b Installing the Motor

Video Link -> Part 5 - Tail Parts

Video Link -> Part 6 - GP750 Gyro Setup

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