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I have the DX6. It is a very nice radio, but is almost obsolete these days. Why? Because it does not support the DSM2 technology like the DX7. With DSM2, the TX can bind and fly any bird with a DSM2 receiver. The DX7 supports 20 models instead of 10, has a flight timer, and more advanced features than the lowly DX6. If you are going to do it, then do it right. Get the DX7 or at the least, the DX6i; but do not buy a DX6!

On the other side of the coin, if you want a bargain radio and you don't care about the DSM2 technology and don't mind the limitations of the DX6, then by all means buy one. But take it from me, you will not regret buying a DX7 or DX6i. IMHO, a good computer radio is priceless for our heli hobby. Good luck!

PS - Most of the new birds coming on the market today have a Bind-n-fly version; meaning if you already have a DSM2 radio like the DX7; you simply bind the radio to the model and fly. You don't have to buy any xtals or crappy receivers. Priceless! I bought my DX6 just after the DX7 came out. I thought I would save some dough and went for the DX6. Now I am regretting that decision big time. Don't make the same mistake.

Good luck!
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