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The tricky part of the radio setup is in the servo installation video. When I'm done with the rest of the videos, I can take that part and the other stuff and do just a radio setup video.

The following things need to be set:
In the model setup screen (when you turn on with the two left buttons held down)
1. Set it to type "Heli"
2. Set the name you want
3. Set swash type to "3 Servos - 120*"
4. On the "Input select" screen, set AUX2 to Aux2, and GEAR to GYRO
5. In "Thro Recovery" set INH
6. Trainer to INH

Now go into the regular programming screens and set things appropriately. Most of this will be personal preference. For servo reversing and swash plate mixing, watch the video, it's hard to explain, but my method does give you two simple steps to get the swash moving the right ways.

I do not know how I will set up the gyro screen yet because I have to fly it first - your numbers may vary from mine anyway, and the best way to get it set is to understand how it works and learn to adjust it yourself.

Do not set any Revo mix
I use the "Gear" switch for throttle hold, and set it to -5%
Preliminary set up on throttle curve for normal mode is - 0-40-65-80-90
I set my idle-up throttle curves to a straight 90% all the way across (personal preference, may increase it)

I set my pitch curves straight for now, and will have to actually measure the blade pitch to decide on final numbers. Very important though, to set the pitch curve for throttle hold mode to a straight line from 0 to 100%. This is required for correct servo setup and swash plate leveling. Again, see the video.
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