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Originally Posted by teshreve View Post
Just watched all 4 videos. Very nice work. Really, exceptionally well done.
In one of your other videos, you mentioned it was probably a good idea to keep trivial forces on the servo with any "chinese" weighting, instead of a true zero load. I tend to agree as any servo gear lash, linkage slop, etc would only be felt at the transition from/to 0 pitch (instead of throughout the range). In this video the weights pretty much show zero forces until the end (and may even go negative?).
The sheer size of the weights in relation to the grips is pretty amazing.

Thanks for the info!
I now am tuning to have what I consider "neutral response" meaning the force to move from 0 pitch to 20 degrees is aproximately the same as the force to return to zero pitch. Since it takes a certain amount of torque to overcome the bearing drag. The forces seen at the pushrod are a combination of tennis raquet effect, drag torque and any aerodynamic forces. By tuning the weights to give neutral response I think I am most accurately taking the tennis raquet effect to zero. From all the responses I have seen this is working well. I think that since the servo can move with almost no effort. The gyro can compensate for any play in the tail system dynamically

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