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Good Day, Bad Day!!!

Posted 03-30-2008 at 06:04 AM by aussiemick

Went for a fly this morning down on the sunny Gold Coast.
While flying my TRex600NP I managed to successfully do a couple of firsts for me.
First up was a "relatively" controlled 1/2 PiroFlip, from an inverted climbout to right way up, managed that a few times and they even looked a bit controlled. Then went the full monty and did a full one, OMG, something I was thinking was going to be REAL hard to get under control (I fly Mode1) is actually doable!! Just to prove that my wild wobbling of both sticks was the culprit I did a few more. I even did a few (real ugly ones) with my 450, woo hoo!!!!!!!!
Did my first inverted funnel as well! Not quite as cleanly flown as I can do them the right way up but absolutely recognisable as the real thing.
Slowly the confidence to do things that I have been practising for ages on Phoenix is coming and, lo and behold, it does basically the same in real as in the Sim.

The first couple of flights went well but had two lockouts in two separate flights, my bad I just kept flying!! Had another glitch with the 450 and thought not much of it.
Whilst in the middle of my new skill euphoria my 600 went off the air and plummeted about 250ft straight down after a Stall turn of biblical proportions. Straight in with no pitch on the blades and absolutely screaming engine, I had to race over to ground zero to stop the engine by pulling the fuel line off. I had to use both hands to pull the heli out of the ground, one blade was speared 2/3 of its length into the floor, there was no flybar damage and the feathering shaft is still ( from what I see) still usable. Both plastic blade grips appear undamaged and I am considering reusing them. Unfortunately the frames both broke around the hole for the tank pressure line and the upper tabs for the Rx tray both got ripped off. Both lower screws for the Rx tray that go through the frame stiffeners got sheared off allowing the fan shroud to get ripped to pieces this then pushed back and damaged the bearings in the clutch assembly. Hopefully the engine is unscathed!!!

Not sure whether to be happy or sad but I think the happy is on top, now need to order some bits, I can see some upgrading coming up!

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