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First Impressions of Fancy Foam's MX2 by RJ Gritter

Posted 01-20-2011 at 02:43 PM by BladeSlap912

While building my Fancy Foam MX2 designed by R.J. Gritter I constantly fought myself from "over building" the airframe. After building three consecutive Trex helicopters which are all mechanical in nature, I returned to a foam profile which is a whole different world. I wanted to make sure there was a balance between rigidity and performance. The first is the main landing gear. The manual calls for 8'' flat carbon fiber pieces to be crossed through the fuselage which are, in turn, the landing gear struts. When it came time to glue the cosmetic foam struts to the back of the carbon fiber, the struts were 1'' short of the fuselage and there was a gap between the side of the fuselage and the top of the cosmetic strut. Confused yet?

It flew ok on the maiden flight but the flimsy gear caught on the second landing and the wheel pants came off. Being unhappy with the original build I simply clipped the gear off and reinforced the cross section to meet the fuselage. The ease of flying this aircraft allows me to hand launch and catch the airplane without worrying about the landing gear catching during touchdown. What does this have to do with a new project?

That brings me to my second complaint. The kit arrived from Fancy Foam with everything I needed minus the adhesive and electronics. It even provided multiple motor mounting options depending on the motor of choice. When the airframe was completed, the graphics didn't quite match up and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

The first three flights were done in the front yard while fighting a 5mph breeze and trees on three sides. Three battery packs have been run through with minor repairs to the inward aileron tape and re-gluing the elevator and rudder servos to the fuselage. The Hacker A15-9L motor provided plenty of power with the 8x4.3 GWS prop and S60 servos with the S75 for added aileron authority. A formal review is coming soon!

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