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News - RealFlight G5.5 Version 5.50.021 is now public!!!

Posted 12-03-2010 at 01:02 PM by Bri

RealFlight version 5.50.021 is now public

5.50.021 is now a full public release. To obtain it, simply run the RealFlight G5 Launcher, click Additional Options, then click Registration/Updates. You will need to complete the online registration if you have not done so in the past. (This may be required even if you have registered previously; if so, just make sure to use the same password you used originally.) Then, click Update to Latest Version, or Update to Specific Version if you prefer, and follow the instructions.

Note that this update is cumulative. As long as you obtain the update via the Launcher, you do not need to update to any earlier versions first. And if you already downloaded this version from the public beta server, you do not need to download it again.

Combined release notes for versions 5.50.015 through 5.50.021

  • Major load time improvements, affecting sim startup, selection dialogs, aircraft/airport switching, and more
  • Heli skids do not cause hitching when touching the ground for the first time after takeoff
  • Aero tow and VFI recordings begin at the proper location in all airports
  • Starting the sim in fullscreen mode works more reliably
  • Switching back and forth between windowed and fullscreen modes works more reliably
  • Fixed potential refresh rate bug in fullscreen mode
  • Multiplayer: Certain types of crashes are prevented
  • Multiplayer: Colorschemes are selectable within games
  • Multiplayer: Targeting mode is also selectable via the multiplayer menu, which is available during games
  • Multiplayer: Damage indicator smoke is restored in Combat (Warbirds)
  • Multiplayer: Join dialog is resizable
  • Multiplayer: Join dialog's ">>" button to expand the server filtering section is visible again
  • Multiplayer: Host dialog's maximum number of players option is limited to 32
  • Opening additional viewports doesn't prevent input focus from being set to the main viewport
  • MultiMode: Clicking on a player's viewport selects it as expected
  • MultiMode: Fixed a crash related to changing colorschemes
  • Aicraft Editor: Streamers are not displayed
  • Bungee cable rendering performance is improved
  • Aero tow recording at the Castle HD airport begins at the proper location
  • Gadget tabs close properly if you use them to close an open QuickSelect dialog
  • Keyboard shortcuts work properly after switching away from and back to RealFlight using Alt-Tab
  • Translations: Available multiplayer sessions are listed properly in the join dialog when German language is selected
  • Translations: Startup script executes properly
  • Translations: Add/delete components functionality is available in the aircraft editor
  • Console: allowDuplicateMessages command has correct arguments
  • RealFlight is prevented from running while an online update is in progress
  • Miscellaneous other crash fixes and UI tweaks
  • Aircraft selection dialog's preview pane displays aircraft normally while in a multiplayer session (only affects 5.50.019 and later)
  • Maelstrom Marauder (EP5): Uses airplane spawns instead of heli spawns

Source: Knife Edge Software

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