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News - Phoenix Sim / New Update v3.0.m Now Available for Download!!!

Posted 12-17-2010 at 01:24 AM by Bri

We are pleased the announce that the 3.0 version of Phoenix has now been finalised and released. If you are already participating in the BETA process, this update should be available now from your Automatic Updates system. If you are using version 2.5 or before, this update is a self-installing manual update, and can be downloaded from our Downloads page.

New detailed flybarless physics system:
Choose from Standard, Passive flybarless or Active flybarless systems
Adjust advanced parameters such as Agility, Response and Gain
Accurately simulates all low-gain and high-gain flybarless effects such as:
Retreating blade stalls
Active flybarless system with fully configurable self-righting behavior
Improved, more accurate flybar physics (e.g. cyclic interaction)
Increased stability in pirouetting manoeuvres (e.g. Piro-flips/chaos)
Improved tail-rotor wash profiles
Improved engine torque/drag curves
Added rotor-bearing drag for correct behavior under autorotations
Various changes and tweaks to model setups and variants

User Interface:
New-look user-interface and more themes to choose from
Huge number of User Interface improvements and tweaks
New, easier-to-use Widget UI system

Sort model selection by make, type, etc
Show actual model names and manufacturers in list
Added support for extended character-set languages, e.g Russian/Chinese/etc
Improved translation for all languages
Onscreen indicator for software functions (i.e. rates, idle-up, throttle-hold, etc)
Quick Tips on loading screen
New "Look At" menu under the "View > Camera" menu makes spectating easier

Launch options:
Set your preferred launch method for each model
Choose from:
Ground launch - for powered models
Hand launch - new hand-launch system controlled from your radio
Tow launch - have an AI-controlled pilot tow your glider into the air

New Timer widget
New logbook widget
Improved onscreen transmitter display

Improved model > Edit screen:
Simple and Detailed views
Easy "Model Setup" control lets you change a model's general setup
Clearer editable parameter list
More description on editable attributes
Scale Wizard helps you resize models more easily

New toolbar system for more streamlined interface:
Notifications bar
Favorites bar
Inflight tuning bar

Pilots on all model types (planes, helicopters, autogyros, tilt-rotors)
Multiple pilots on models
Fixed moving tail and nose wheels
New water-spray effects
Improved and optimized water wakes and splashes
Improved smoke system
Extra camera zoom option for smaller models
Improved mouse-wheel zooming

New software low-rates control for all model types
New control profiles added

Fly with up to 3 computer-controlled pilots
Set their skill level and model choice
Intelligent AI avoids you and flies in a realistic manner
Spectate a buddy and learn from their control movements

More advanced lobby and lobby-chat
Select your own avatar and see other pilots' avatars online
Filter models - choose only to fly with certain model types
Messenger widget replaced with Multiplayer Toolbar:
Enhanced chat
Easier control for hosts

All modes revamped with better graphics, user-interfaces and competition logic
New competition system:
New "challenge" mode
Keep your top scores
Online and offline play
Clear, easier user-interface and controls
New Laser Combat mode added

Improved layout graphics
More layouts added

Improved update system:
Improved, clearer update browser
New updates shown more easily
Icons for updates
Separate program update system

Source: Phoenix Sim

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  1. Old Comment
    All I can say is that I'm glad I went with Phoenix, rather than Real Flight. I tried out Real Flight at my LHS, and Phoenix has a much more realistic feel to it. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
    Posted 12-22-2010 at 10:56 PM by (CAN)big_ten_4 (CAN)big_ten_4 is offline

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