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News - 3DMasters Announces News Set Maneuvers for 2011

Posted 12-21-2010 at 04:28 PM by Bri

3DMasters released the following information about the 2011 season!!!

3D Masters has always been the innovator in 3D, and we are proud to announce our new Set Manoeuvres for the 2011 season. These will join 36 of the the existing Set Manoeuvres to create 40 definitive moves which will define 3D into the second decade of 3D Masters. They will also be integrated into the 3DX list for the coming season, ensuring that we retain the continuity between the 3D Masters and 3DX which Organisers the world-over have come to depend upon.

The Koob is a k=3 Manoeuvre. It is fundamentally a Pirouetting Wall of Death with 4 vertical Pirouetting Loops, each with a Pirouetting Flip at the top.

The K= 3 Hong Kong Eye is a development of the London Eye, but now having a piro-flip skids-in to skids-out and vice versa at each quarter of the vertical circle.

The K = 2.5 Jupiter Probe is a vertical Pirouetting 8 with half-flips skids-in to skids-out

The Hammock is a succession of stall turns while continuously pirouetting to prescribe a circle and has a k=2.5.

As always, these new manoeuvres are derived from observations made during the Freestyle sections of the 2010 3D Masters and from discussions between judges and pilots over the way that 3D is moving. By applying this policy every year, we ensure that 3D Masters remains the true manifestation of 3D across the world.

A further refinement introduced for the 2011 event is the extension of flying time for the Finals from 3 Minutes to 5 minutes. All 10 pilots in the Finals (5 Expert and 5 Masters) may use up to 5 minutes for their Freestyle Flight. This will give them the opportunity to really show the Judges what they are capable of, and produce a really exciting Finals on Sunday Afternoon.

3D Masters 2011 will be held in Venlo, the Netherlands on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th July. In addition to the competition itself, the Synchro Competition, Demonstration, Evening and Night Flying will again help to create the fantastic atmosphere for which the event has become internationally renowned.

The 3D Masters Team

K= 3 Koob Pirouetting Wall of Death with 4 vertical Pirouetting Loops with Pirouetting Flips
Entering along the flight line, the model will enter a vertical piro-loop with skids-out. At the top of the loop, the model will half piro-flip to skids-in and then complete the loop. At the bottom of the loop the model will reverse its piro-direction and then enter the first quarter of a skids-in Piro Wall of Death. The model with then enter a second piro-loop again with a half piro-flip at the top to skids -out. At the bottom of this loop the model will again reverse piro-direction. The manoeuvre will continue in this way to complete a further 2 loops and the remaining piro wall of death to exit the manoeuvre travelling in the same direction and height as entry.

K= 2.5 Jupiter Probe A vertical Pirouetting 8 with half-flips
The model will execute a pirouetting Vertical 8 with entry skids down along the flight line at the centre of the 8. On completion of the first half-loop the model will piro-flip and complete the second half of the loop skids-in. At the centre of the 8 the model will remain skids-out and begin the lower loop of the 8. At the bottom of the 8 the model will piro-flip to skids in and finish the lower loop, exiting in the same direction as entry.

K= 3 Hong Kong Eye
Pirouetting Metronoming continuously, the model will prescribe a vertical circle in front of the judges and at each of the vertical circle will piro-flip skids-in to skids-out and vice versa.

k=2.5 Hammock a succession of stall turns while continuously pirouetting to prescribe a circle.
The model will enter the manoeuvre while continuously pirouetting and pull up to a vertical stall turn, at which point the direction of pirouetting will reverse and the direction of movement of the model will change to continue the next descent and climb to the next stall turn. There must be at least 8 peaks around the prescribed horizontal circuit.

Source: 3DMasters

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