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News - Mikado VBar Version 5.1 PRO Release

Posted 02-04-2011 at 01:08 AM by Bri
Updated 02-04-2011 at 10:32 PM by Bri (Additional information added / Thank you Duke600)

Version 5.1 PRO Release Date 16 Feb 2011

28 January, 2011 - 23:37 ulrich

The update is free of charge for all owners of the 5.0 PRO Version.

The New Version 5.1PRO is the successor of the proven V5.0 PRO. It contains a new development step of the swashplate algorithm, as well as a new governor.
All extensions of the swashplate algorithm are available on all 5.0 PRO variants. The governor is currently available at the fullsize vbars only, but there will be a simplified version for electrics for the mini VBar in the future if used with satellites or bus receivers.

The Improvements of the swashplate algorithm contains the following items:

More natural and quicker stick response, specially near stick center position
Quicker and more natural than ever before

Better pirouetting performance, specially at complex maneuvers.
Pirouettes as fluid and smooth, its a pure pleasure

Better high speed performance, flying near the physical limits
The fastest VBar in the world, just got faster. Speeders will love it

Paddle simulation. If you like your familiar feeling from flying with paddles, we now have a solution for you. Have the best of both worlds.
Cracking and Smackdown like with paddles, but adjustable as you like it.

Governor (not for Mini)The V5.1 contains a new developed governor function. Its not a separate unit, but communicates with all other internal algorithms to get the best possible results. This gives a performance, that currently is not known from governors.

Extremly fast and precise headspeed control. Maximum power can be unleashed by taking the limits of the throttle into account.
Extra stiff headspeed, no lag if you apply load quickly.

Works with a preview of the needed power, which is possible because of watching the complete system.
Instant power, regardless what you do.

Very flexible, we have a solution for most configurations.
One Channel, or two, throttle curves internal or from Tx, just as you like it.

Usable for Nitro and Electric helis. Special modes take care of the different characteristics of the power systems.
Really good governing now available for nitros too

Softstart and autorotation bailout, collective management to avoid motor overloading and much more.
Everything included, but really simple wiring
V5.1 defines a new reference. The type of integration is completely new and results in an exceptionally stiff headspeed with nitros or electrics, without the artifacts of an aggressive governor.
The setup is integrated into the known user interface, so the setup is simple and straightforward without the need of watching blinkcodes or abbreviations. An extensive paper manual is not needed, since the explanations are integrated into the software.
Some additional extensions are implemented in this new Version:
  • Failsafe now goes to hold if spektrum sats are used
  • Digital centers for spektrum normal resolution
  • Multiplex M-Link support
  • Display of the motor and rotor speed into the vibration analyzer window
  • Flight style can be adjusted freely
  • Special tail mode for microhelis
All settings are compatible, so there is no need for a new setup. Some integrated resets set value for new functionality to usable defaults.

Source: Mikado, VStabi

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    Duke600's Avatar

    Found the most important info

    The update is free of charge for all owners of the 5.0 PRO Version.


    Posted 02-04-2011 at 09:49 PM by Duke600 Duke600 is offline

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