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My First BLog

Posted 02-13-2008 at 06:17 PM by Coolice

Hey All,

WOW, this is a little different and a nice upgrade to a popular heli forum which actually lets you talk openly ;-)

In recent months the UK weather has not been very kind to any person who hasa hobby that requires you being in the great outdoors, in fact probably the best place would have been at home with the lovely other half but when you gotta fly, you gotta fly! A recent addition of an old oil drum to my local flying site has helped somewhat, me & my buddys have at times looked like a bunch of hobo's stood around said drum throwing chunks of wood into it to keep the flames burning.
Actually the odd dead LiPo has gone in there as well, not many mind as the usually get charged on a NiCad setting and the nstabbed with a knife to actually make them go up in smoke!

This has been quite an interesting exercise actually and has shown that while they are indeed quite dangerous if mis-treated, they really do need to be abused before they physically go up in flames.
The best by far was an old FP 4s 3700 pack which needed putting out of it's misery, having had a go myself at stabbing a previous pack it was the turn of the youngest in our group. So with knife in one hand and jacketheld tightly over ones hand as protection he steps up to the plate, with us other 3 looking on giggling. No sooner had the blade penetrated the outer cell it went off! We all ran in varying directions, meanwhile the executioner was being chased by an angry LiPo bouncing about the floor. All very silly but good fun at the same time and a good way of making sure the redundant LiPo is not a threat in the rubbish bin.
Of course I dont condone this sort of activity and so others do it at their own risk ;-)

Flying wise I have got out as much as I can, in amoungst work and commitments at home since moving into my first house with my Fiancee of 7 years Kimberley.
My much loved and flown Swift16 has seen a lot of action, taking my 3D flying to a new level with the confidence it inspires and the way it flies. In turn I have gained a massive amount of experience of batterys and electric as a whole from this model and otehr smaller machines.

I have not flown a 90 size machien for over a year now, my Century Freestyle sat back at my mums 80% built and awaiting a gyro. Speaking of gyros does anyone else now find it hard to decide which one to go for as I do?
There is the good old faithful Futaba GY611, known to work and does so very well with the 9256. Of course we now have the Brushless Servo and this adds another option to an alreayd good gyro. But there are other makes in the market now which have cuaght my eye, the first is from the master himself Curtis Youngblood the Solid G.

Initial reports of the performance of this gyro sound very good, but does one risk spending their moeny on this or the known entity of the Futaba?
On the other side of the fence we have the new Spartan DS760(?) again from reports very good, but worth taking a chance?
Hmmm, will have to make a decision very soon one way or the other.

I'm getting Turbine withdrawal symptoms now to, after gyro problems with the fitted GY401 in my Predator Turbine I left the model sat on the shelf until it got repaired. Even after I got the gyro back it was only a few weeks ago I put it back in the model and have still not flown it, not that I havent wanted to but with the weather as it has been of late it's not the kind of model you risk lightly.

My RCer Dragonus had to go to a new home, making way for a new 450 size model from CenturyUK the GL450SE as Trex clone almost I think but a dam nice flier and cheap to! Another model I love flying as due to it's low cost means I take chances with it that I wouldn't normally do.

So many other things as well which I will add to my blog later on I think, should be fun.

Happy flying.

Ian Contessa
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