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a regular log of all the crap i do, which i probably shouldnt...but, i do anyway. wtf do i know.

Will I never learn?

Posted 02-14-2008 at 12:15 AM by cudaboy_71 (cudaboy_71's journal of maleficence)

Damn I feel stupid sometimes.

A little back story. When i first started flying helis, i got a little-known heli called the MaxIR SE. It's a 300 or 380 class micro heli. It is a full bell-hiller 3D capable machine, and with few incidents (due to my novice thumbs mostly) got me well into intermediate flight--FFF, inverted circuits, rolls, flips, etc. I really like this heli a lot. it is quiet, smooth, predictable, small, stable (in no wind), and agile when you want it to be. I've often...
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