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a regular log of all the crap i do, which i probably shouldnt...but, i do anyway. wtf do i know.
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Will I never learn?

Posted 02-13-2008 at 11:15 PM by cudaboy_71

Damn I feel stupid sometimes.

A little back story. When i first started flying helis, i got a little-known heli called the MaxIR SE. It's a 300 or 380 class micro heli. It is a full bell-hiller 3D capable machine, and with few incidents (due to my novice thumbs mostly) got me well into intermediate flight--FFF, inverted circuits, rolls, flips, etc. I really like this heli a lot. it is quiet, smooth, predictable, small, stable (in no wind), and agile when you want it to be. I've often commented out loud--to myself alone at a field no less--that "man, this is my favorite heli."

But, when i started getting into backward flight the tail just wouldnt hold--a lack of power i surmised (that's another discussion altogether, that i may get into later in this post).

Anyway, lack of power. Right.

So, i upgrade my lowly 15a ESC to a CC25 ($ching$), to support the replacement for the stock AXI 2208-8 -- an AXI 2210-12 ($$ching$$), bumping my headspeed from 2200ish to 2800ish.

the extra power is quite evident in several stripped gears--either main gears, tail pinions (yes, this is a torque-tube drive), thrown plastic blades (need CF blades with the higher headspeed--duh.)

well, with more than a dozen attempts at getting this bird off the ground for more than 30 seconds without shredding, shearing, or blowing some part out, yesterday morning brought out probably the most frustrating trial of all--frustrating mostly because the heli was probably perfect now...all the bugs worked out and ready for some hardcore flying. i really had to restrain myself from stomping this poor little heli into the mud after it dug itself in.

let me elaborate.

1 1/2 weeks ago, i attempted flight number 14 of the 'upgrade trials'. the only fault this time was one of the struts had a crack in it i missed in the last rebuild and would not hold the heli level (remember, this is a light heli---380g AUW). rather than risk the heli, i packed it up for a 10 minute repair. i DID however neglect to recharge the lipo after the 10 day delay between then and now...a decision i would soon come to regret.

now, we come to the part where i really show my stupidity--mainly because i KNOW BETTER --especially with my recent trials with the trex 500.

7:00am 2/12/2008 i spool up with a new strut installed. as i lift off, the headspeed doesnt seem high enough---but, i've not really had a good flight on this heli...maybe it's in my mind (it's not). i fly around for 2 minutes on my regular 4:30 timer. no, headspeed definitely feels off. i land and check my throttle curve...nope--idleup is 100% flat. 2:20 left on the timer and i spool up again.

i get 2 complete circuits in FFF just fine, try some backward flight...tail holds, but the headspeed just does not feel right. i pull to a hover about 15' up and 30' out. all of a sudden the heli goes FULL NEGATIVE and drives itself straight into the soft mud. i hit T/H before it hits, but the heli motor is still screaming 100% as it sits on the ground breaking the virgin $50 CF blades to shards, along with one $26 CF paddle with only one flight on it, not to mention the new struts i had just installed minutes earlier, along with some other frame pieces.

at the time, i just screamed out a few choice words (i'm really tired of trying to get just one good flight out of this bird) and packed it up.

now, thinking about it i clearly know what happened. i'm flying a spektrum AR6200. the battery clearly wasnt charged up all the way (it is a brand new pack FWIW). i had my failsafe set to throttle full down. so, when the RX reset, it went full negative and didn't register T/H until reboot.

what a dummy. just put in the fresh battery next time. man i feel stupid. on to rebuild number...uh...i dunno 10. i've lost count.

oh, just following up on the tail-not-holding with the old power setup? i was rebuilding the tail on the previous crash and found that the 2-part pitch slider had been cross threaded into itself and was binding. fixing this smoothed up the tail a bunch...none of this upgrading business was probably necessary to begin with. salt in an open wound. bleh.
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