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Just to share some of my thoughts and experiences about my growth and development in building and flying of RC Helicopters.

I don't expect particularly to teach or impress anyone with my wealth of knowledge, or lack thereof. Just sharing, for better or for worse.

Who knows, maybe something I put here will help clear some of the fog for newcomers.
There sure is a lot to this hobby.
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Beam E4 V1 has gone Flybarless

Posted 05-17-2012 at 11:59 AM by dpelletier

I was visiting my dad last weekend and brought the Beam with me. I thought he would enjoy discovering the makings of an RC Helicopter, so he helped me as I finished running the wires and tying everything down on the now flybarless Beam E4 V1.
I'm using a traditional receiver with a brand spanking new Skookum 540, so there are lots of wires.

I placed the 540 on top with the tape supplied, but that tape is rather to spongy for my liking. I zip tied it down (all I had at hand) to secure it, it will do until I can get back to my workshop.

Then we went out for a test flight... the thing just floated up solid. This is actually my favorite part of flying, when it first lifts slowly off the ground and settles into a nice hover.
Tracking was a little off but it flew real nice and the tail was very solid.
I am using the same Edge blades (Flybar version), probably makes no difference for my skill level.
I floated around a little doing small circuits and then pulled it into a power loop followed by a couple of rolls and flips. My Dad really seemed to enjoy this from the exclamations and remarks! (Will not be repeated in public)

On my drive back from my Dad's, it occurred to me that I had not tightened the Jesus bolt holding the head on the shaft, nor the bolts holding the swash followers that also tighten the head onto the shaft.
I haven't even dared look at it since, almost afraid to see of the nut is still on the bolt and/or how close to disaster that flight was...

Pre-flight check, Pre-flight check, Pre-flight check, Pre-flight check, Pre-flight check, Pre-flight check...
Oh and one more thing... Pre-flight check!
You may also want to add... A Post-flight check!

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