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My homeland... is a very weird place

Posted 04-03-2017 at 09:31 AM by Feather Project
Updated 04-07-2017 at 01:44 PM by Feather Project
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Now it has come the time to tell somebody that isn't from here at all. What you're about to read now is nothing but pure pieces of insatisfaction and rebellious confused thoughts regarding a very shitty place.

Brazil... you can already see that there's something wrong with it just looking at its slogan:

"Brasil, um país de todos" - Brazil, a country that belongs to everyone.

Seriously? How the heck can this be? It should be america for americans and Brazil for brazilians.

Although everyone probably thinks that this is a poor country, I'll tell you that it is NOT. We have lots, lots of money. Now the nonsense starts coming in - get ready for it. The governament simply doesn't know how to manage the fricking money! It's not that they don't do it right because they can't, no, no, no, it's because by investing it all wrong you have more oportunites to steal it. I'll give you a very real situation that happened to me recently.

Last year I was still in high school, and we had to pay money for the school so that they could print the tests. As it was a federal school, this should never happen, because we pay 60% + of taxes for the governament. As it turned out, all the printers had been removed from the facility. The reason? budget had runned out that year. The governament had RENTED printers for ALL the schools in natinal territory. If you calculate the costs, even the most cheap ass company (that's the one that they filmed the contract by the way) would charge 1/2 of the price that they would have to pay to buy new permanent expensive printers per month. Ok now it's time to understand why.

Officialy by the brazilian law, if something (such as the printers) had to be rented, the maximum budget allowed to be released should be at lest 5x more than if some equipment had to be actually acquired. For real, this means that they'll use 2/5 of this to pay for the rent, and the rest is used with "addicional costs" that doesn't fit in the official reports, so it basically disappears magically into politicians pockets. But that is not even the tip of the iceberg. Later the principal found out that everything in the schools was rented - chairs, desks, boards, fans, computers, and even the building!

If you think only about the schools, it is already a HUGE leak of money. Here this is called "esquema", it's basically an scheme for stealing.

People do absolutely nothing about this. "Why?" you might be wondering. Well, there are various reasons. The first one is that 90% + of the population is consisted of DUMB people - let me explain...

There are two ways people can be poor: either financially or culturally. When I talk about "dumb" people, I'm mostly talking about the 2 conditions at the same time.

People that are culturally poor are likes apes. If you give him an absurd amount of money, he'll waste it all as fast as he can in prostitutes, in extremely expensive cars, houses and gadgets, and that's it. He won't do anything else because he's not smart enought for it. Unfortunatly, whoever borns in a financially poor place here ends up like that, and ther's no coing back from this depraved state.

Besides that, people have have no expectancies for life. They rarely earn enough to survive and the best that they can do is go to a bar in weekends and drink cheap ass beers with other apes.

Take a look:

brazilian minimum wage per month (90% + of the population survive with this)
R$937,00 = US$298,72

What they actually get after taxes
R$700 maximum = US$224,36

But what about the cost of living? It should be low, right?


Here you pay twice as more to live than in the US.

These and many other factors turn the people into trash. The government is going to do everything to keep it this way.

Now it's time to look on the bright side as well. Brazil is a wonderful place, maybe the best place in the world. In no other homeland can you do literally whatever you want. If you wanna sleep all day, do it. If you wanna break all the laws and easily get away with it, go for it. If you wanna be the king of the hill, party all weekends for the rest of your life, this is the place. Too bad that none of these things matters to me.

Oh well, if you're still here I'll teach you how to identify and protect yourself against brazilian apes.

1st - If you live abroad, there is a big chance that you'll never cross paths with one (unless you come to Brazil).

2nd - Stay away from Brazil! The best way to prevent is to avoid.

3rd - Brazilian apes barely speak portuguese, so they can't communicate with any kind of foreigner. If one speaks anything other than it's own language and lives in Brazil, than it's probably a normal person.

4th - Brazilian apes can't get enrolled in most type of activityes that requires study and knowledge (such as the RC world). Too bad that they are now getting in console gaming as games are starting to get translations, but PC will be always an ape-free plataform.

And that's basically it. Oh I feel better already...
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