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"This shameful blog has been closed, but I'll keep on flying until the day I die" - owner of the former blog page.

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Hell is a place on earth

Posted 04-04-2017 at 08:06 AM by Feather Project
Updated 04-07-2017 at 01:43 PM by Feather Project

I think that most people doesn't have problems with high temperature. Too bad I'm not one of them.

After visiting several doctors they said that some human bodies have their "temperature interpretation regulated wrong". After some exams they stated that my body always feels 5 to 7 C more than the real temperature. If only that wasn't enought, my lucky went down the hole a long time ago as I live in a extremely hot country (Brazil - yes, it is much hotter than you an possibly think). Last month one of the main brazilian capitals, Rio de Janeiro registred +48C with a thermal sensation of 67C (in the shadow) and +70C in the sun. That is completely ridiculous, thousand of newborns and old people simply died because of the heat. In the core of Brazil, the So Paulo satate (where I live) the situation fortunatly is less worse. Temperature here is always 30C on day, 29C at night and 35C in ordinary hot days, but it can get to 40C sometimes (like, 10 times in a month is pretty commom). A very curious fenomenon is that this is permanent. Yes you've read that righ, PERMANENT. The only possible way that the temperature changes here is when storms strike (it has to be a very strong storm, light rains doesn't change anything). The seasons of the year surprisingly doesn't seem to work at all here.

My skin is constantly burning, that's why I'm trying to get out of this shit hole called "Brazil". My plans is to proceed to the coldest part of Canada and remain there for the rest of my life. Until there, I'll have to research (and develop if neccessary) some sort of cooling mechanism for the LiPos on board the heli, because it's just impossible to not let it go past 35C. When I looked up on brazilian foruns about LiPos, I've noticed that everyone reports that their batteries and brushed motors die very fast. The most that we take out of lipos are like, 127 uses if you are extreme lucky. When guys take readings after flights on hot days here they usually get +40C. That's very bad...
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