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"This shameful blog has been closed, but I'll keep on flying until the day I die" - owner of the former blog page.

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Stepping up to FP helicopters...

Posted 05-12-2017 at 09:24 AM by Feather Project

And it was yesterday that I flew 4CH FP for the first timeÖ What a disaster!

Being used to the QS5010 TX, I had a lot of trouble using the rudder, which is now located in the throttle stick. I honestly didnít thought that it would be that hard. I slammed the V911 into the walls, the ground and the sofa. Bless these little indestructible helis

After the first minute my brain gets used to the normal control type and I can fly a bit better. Good thing about starting off with 3.5CH is that I can hover in any direction Ė tail in, side in, nose in, it doesnít matter, Iím already used to it and I give the inputs naturally thinking only where I want the heli to go and not where the stick should be. Iím sure that has saved me a lot of time. Now I just need to get used to the rudder position and Iíll be ready to go.

Thereís also something else that Iíve noticed. While being used to the small, stiff sticks of the QS5010 I got I bad habit; because the sticks were so small and stiff I didnít used the tip of my thumbs to control them, but I place the sticks a little behind my thumbs. Now the V911 TX feels huge in my hands like I canít barely get a proper grip due to its size and Iím having some trouble to control the throttle input. Iím too brute, and Iím lacking a lot of precision. Well, practice will make it perfect Iím sure!

Hold on little heli! I promise that the suffering will be over within 2 weeks once my skills riseÖ
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  1. Old Comment
    possibly try the "pinch" method of operating the sticks. I am a dumb thumb flyer. I got use to using just my thumbs on my v977 micro cp heli and now that I've started flying my 450, I find I do not have enough precise control of the sticks as well. . Also, check out Heli-x RC simulator. I found it through the beginners thread on HF and you can download it for free to try out. If you decide you like it, the cost is less than half the price of other RC simulators. I LOVE IT. And, the beginners' flight school "tail-in to figure 8's in 6 months" recommends it as well. If you read the thread and post on simulators, there are many benefits to the heli-x simulator over Phoenix and RealFlight other than price.
    Posted 05-24-2017 at 09:39 AM by RabbitDFFD RabbitDFFD is offline

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