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Little Alien and Wasp

Posted 07-01-2010 at 02:03 AM by hjns

1 July 2010

Little Alien
My first heli ("Little Alien") is a beauty and flies like a beauty, and with the RobZulu canopy, she looks a little bit like a nice flying alien. Inside are the 3-axis gyro (RX2610S), HP08-2 motor (CJ) directly soldered onto an XP12A esc, which drives a Dkfuji FBL head and CF blades using an 18 teeth pinion gear. Further modifications include a MicroHeli tail slider (recommended), MH tail case (only for bling), titanium tail servo rod (lighter and firmer than stock), CF tail fins, and full plastic 4G3 swashplate. Headspeeds are just above 4200 rpm at zero pitch, decreasing to 3200 rpm at full negative (-9 degrees) pitch, which is more than sufficient for me.

My second heli ("Wasp") is more stock, and I experiment with this heli. Currently the new HP07 motor (Wowhobbies) is in there, with the wires directly soldered onto an XP12A esc, wich drives a FBL converted plastic 4G3 head with stock cnc blade grips and stock foam blades using an 18 teaath pinion gear. Inside is also the 3-axis gyro (RX2610S). No further modifications. Headspeed is 4700 rpm at zero pitch, decreasing to 3500 - 3600 rpm at full negative pitch. However, this heli has a severe "wobble".

Experience with Little Alien
Like I said, Little Alien flies very nice. I crashed her some days ago from a height of about 20 meters because I flew in almost dark, and the only thing that I had to replace was the feather shaft. Ten minutes later I could have flown again, but it was too dark.

Experience with Wasp
Wasp is a pain in the @SS. The headspeed is too high and I cannot get the heli stable. I have ordered the Dkfuji full CNC head and I will try to get the heli better balanced. This heli has now been on the bench for more than a week with me working on it almost every evening, and I cannot get it to fly.

In summary
I have the experience to keep Little Alien flying, and not the experience to balance the Wasp to make it wobble free. My fun in flying is fully satisfied by Little Alien, and my fun in modding is more than satisfied by Wasp. However, it would be nice if the plastic parts on the helis are not so vulnerable and less prone for imbalances, as the 3D gyro aggravates every imbalance.
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