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Watch out for sand ...

Posted 02-17-2008 at 09:59 PM by int2str

... in your TX!

Today I finally managed to get my T-Rex 450 setup to my liking! No more wag issues, plenty of head speed and insane roll and flip rates! Very nice. The main issue were the blades (heavy Align semi-carbons vs. light woodies). Thanks to Dieselracer (Jose) for all the setup help, Axe CP paddles and the test flight.

But I almost ruined my new setup due to sand. Sand in my controller that is. I went to fly and just when I got my throttle/pitch stick past the half way mark and the heli started to lift, the throttle stick got stuck. It became really hard to turn and made grinding noises. I got sand into the controller some how!

The flying field is a dirt lot mostly. When I prepare my heli for takeoff I tend to put the controller onto the ground next to the heli to plug in the battery. With all the dust and sand around I must have kicked up a bit onto the controller.

Back at home I opened up the controller and blew compressed air through it. All seems to be well again.

Lesson learned
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