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New pinion, swash tweaking and blade tracking...

Posted 02-13-2008 at 06:03 AM by int2str

I've had my 450S in the air for about a week now and it's been good. The heli has not been crashed even once yet and is very easy to fly. I've got about 20 flights on it now and can't believe how smooth it's been so far. Not all is well however.

The 450S as it's setup right now is pretty easy to bog down and won't hover inverted very comfortably. It also requires too much stick (throttle/pitch) to hover in my opinion. Being new to this hobby and the T-Rex, I have yet to figure out if my heli is not setup well, or if the performance I get is just what you can expect from an all stock 450S.

I've created a post about my issues yesterday and got some good feedback. Based on that, I made a few changes last night and took them for a few spins today.

First, I switched from the 12T pinion to the 13T pinion. Then I also changed my normal mode throttle curve to 0-60-80-90-100 instead of 0-50... to get more head speed around the hovering point. And finally I went over the head again to make sure my pitch ranges are setup nicely (+11/-11).

The verdict? I don't know...

The head speed does seem a bit nicer. I can fly pretty hard banked turns now without bogging down the heli. The tail also seems more responsive and the heli is overall pretty pleasant to fly. But somehow I need even more stick to just hover now. And hovering inverted also still requires almost full negative pitch/throttle to keep the bird in the air. I'm just not comfortable with so little room left for emergency punch-outs.

Also, the heli seems to bog a lot during flips now. I almost crashed attempting back-to-back flips today because I lost so much head speed in the first flip that the gyro just gave up half-way into the second flip and dropped the tail towards the ground. I did manage to recover and avoid a crash, but it was too close to comfort.

Battery life is down to about 5:30min now. That doesn't really make me happy either.
I'll stick with the 13T for now though and see if I can make it work.

I did notice today also that my blades aren't tracking straight. That may be robbing some power as well. Not sure that's enough to make a difference though.

Some time this week I should get my new Eagle Tree V3. Hopefully that will provide me with some more data to help set up this heli to my liking.
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