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Late Entry - Flew Friday 13 April 2012

Posted 04-17-2012 at 01:34 PM by Jermo
Updated 04-20-2012 at 09:00 AM by Jermo

I got to Firestone at about 10AM. I was the only person there. Wind was very calm and the temp was comfortable. I had already done a preflight so I was able to do a quick check, fuel up, range check and start the motor. I had to idle a little before she wanted to run/idle. Once she warmed up it was fine. I did close the idle 1/8 of a turn and mid one click.

18 minutes of Tail in T pattern. About 10 minutes in the gang showed up .

About the time I was ready to land Tom had one of his hanger queens out to fly. She hadn't been flown in a while and wanted to be cranky. After he got her happy he started doing back to back autos. I've never seen anyone takeoff / auto so fast back to back. When the heli is coming down it almost looks like it's going to hit hard...then just flares a little before gently touching down!.. he did several autos at different points to the wind. I'm not sure if he even realized it. I'd always heard to do autos into the wind. It didn't seem to matter which way he did them. They were all fast with a soft landing .

A guy (we learned his name is Todd) and his daughter (Jessica I think) came by selling a Hirobo Shuttle. I'd never seen it before. I had to leave at 12 but helped Tom look at it for the guy. The caster oil had gummed up the motor so it wouldn't turn over and fuel had been left in the tank. Surprisingly all of the plastic tubing was intact! They just don't make tubing like they used to. Anyway.. Todd stated he had no interest in flying it. He had purchased it some years back, but, was afraid to fly it for fear of crashing. As a result it sat in his garage until recently. It was a very handsome bird and fired right up after pulling the plug, running fuel into it and using the starter pinion to manually turn the engine by hand (the starter couldn't move it at all). I had to leave at that point so I'm not sure if Tom flew it. It was 72Mhz with a decent looking Futaba radio.

While we were working on the Shuttle I talked with Tom about what I should get. I had wanted a Bergen Gasser to save money on fuel and said as much. Jeff and some of the other guys have Bergens. Tom suggested that the repair parts might be much more expensive than I'd want to buy and to get a 500 instead. I found a 500 on Helifreak and have purchased a Cellpro 10s seperately. I'll have to sell my Align Trex 450 and all it's gear but I can't see it very well anyway. She's all repaired and ready to fly. I hope to find a good home for her.

This weekend is the York County Flyers fun fly so I'll have to talk with Robin about flight times this week. I'd like to get at least Thurs or Fri and Sat. I'm wondering when Tom will tell me to do an orientation other than tail in. I'm doing upright forward circles and figure eights on the sim. Yeah I know...the sim isn't the same.....I'm having fun all the same

Happy Landings
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