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Sometimes you Tempt Fate..sometimes she loses....

Posted 04-20-2012 at 09:58 PM by Jermo

Today was a great day. Things started out with a slight overcast at 10AM and ended with a nice sunny day at 3PM. The 500 (I'll call her 'Bumblebee' came in yesterday. Spent a few hours last night getting a new model setup in my DX7, getting the swash mix.etc...all that nice stuff setup.

Tom could tell I was excited to get the 500 setup so he gave her a once over...overall things were ok. The head needed to be setup and I had the Aileron swash mix reversed ..LOL.. He said she was ready to go. I was a bit hesitant to maiden her but he assured me that it would be ok and even took off into a hover to show she was ready for me!

As the main rotors spooled up I could feel the excitement building up. As she left the ground I could feel the control. Much different than the Pantera, maybe a bit quicker (I run 40-45% expo). I got her into a hover and Chuck asked if the batteries were fully charged...mmm...I had just gotten them out of the packing with the model. I have no idea... I quickly landed and Ed used his meter.... 18%..OUCH.. checked the 2nd pack.. 30%...ok.. my charger hasn't shipped yet (the gent said he'd ship it Sat)...Jeff says he has a charger with TP balance leads so it's off to charge!!.

While the 500 packs charge I fueled up the Pantera. She fired right up ( I think my idle is too lean now) but the transition to midrange is still too rich...Tom says to leave it alone so I will. I went to the center hover position and started my T patterns. I noticed I was actually flying them much better than yesterday. ..mmm. ..awesum!! I did T paterns for about 10 minutes then did some sport flying, circles,figure eights, turning to me, away from me....then ended with a few more Ts.. Flight ended 15 minutes with a full header and just a little in the main tank. My back is sore and my hands are bothering me just a little bit. I need to get into better shape!...

After about an hour the 500 pack was done so here we go again . Previously I had a low headspeed wobble so Tom told me he moved it up a bit. I don't know what I'd do without Tom and the guys. They are so very good to be around and hang with. I really appreciate them. Robin was with me so I asked her to tell me when 5m was up from when I spooled up. I brought Bumblebee up into a hover, forward into my first hover spot, then started some T patterns....WOW she's small compared to my Pantera (50/600 size). Thank God for the yellow canopy! I notice she's a bit more stable and less bouncy than the pantera. I'm guessing that's probably due to she being electric. After 2 T patterns I really wanted to run her out so I pointed the nose left and hit the collective! She took off, boy is she fast! even with a low headspeed setup she moves quick. A few circles this way then that, a few figure eights....not sure if I should try idle up at this point..did we set the stunt modes? mmm... better to not tempt fate...about that time Robin tells me I've got about 30 seconds left so I bring her into a high hover over my T center starting post and lower her to eye level...what a beautiful sight!...slowly back to me...soft landing....TH on... The rotors slow... I pull the canopy, the battery is barely warm and both the motor/esc are ok......

We finish up the day at our favorite Hanger for a few cold ones.... Tomorrow is the York County Flyers Fun Fly.... I am going to try to get my 450 setup to fly so I can maybe sell it...who knows....with folks trying to buy choppers for less than the cost of the components I may just keep her. She's been a great model to learn on and she's running well.

It's been a great day.... Post flight on the Pantera and Bumblebee show no outstanding work to be done other than battery charging.
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