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Three most important things to do before Flying - PoBoys Field - Monroe NC

Posted 04-27-2012 at 07:10 PM by Jermo
Updated 05-10-2012 at 02:19 PM by Jermo

Preflight, Preflight, Preflight!!

I did a full preflight on my Pantera and took her out for a tank. The new Gyro settings are good. Tail doesn't kick out when I give full collective. She stil bogs but I'm running way rich so I don't expect much. Did some T patterns and started a little nose in. Still having issues with control. I'm always behind the model then overcontrol... good first flight regardless.

I had already looked at my 500 so I skipped pre-flight and took off into a hover.. bad head wobble....low headspeed? I give her some collective...up she goes..still wobbling.....bring her back down, land and check her out...

Apparently the main shaft is bent!! Tom says he can straighten it. I pull the head/swash and he shows me how to find the high spot and fix it . We're back in business!! I decide to do a complete pre-flight.. everything looks good until I manually move the Aileron servo...moves down just fine then sticks hard!!! I power up the tx/rx...servo moves fine.. ???? I ask the guys if that's normal (as far as I know it shouldn't be but why not get a correct answer?)......what happens when I try to move the arm by there any play in it..?? yes.. ok.. I have a broken pin retainer inside the servo... Tom says he can fix that and loans me one of his spares...

I'd rather fly atm so I fuel up the Pantera. I had been chatting with Jeff earlier and the subject of expo came up. I told him I run expo on everything. He asked if I had ever flown without expo? He suggested that I try it. He said everyone had their own opinions but at the end of the day I had to figure out what feels good to me...ok.. I wiped all the expo settings out on the radio..

The Pantera spooled up just like she always far so good, normal leaning, barely touching the sticks, wow..I like this.. up to hover..she stops where I want, I do my normal T pattern tail in... I notice she's staying level and at the desired height more easily. Started playing with Piro to nose in, side in, working to keep the same altitude and same spot. It's much easier without expo. The sticks are much more responsive. I don't believe I'll ever fly with expo again. I did nose in Ts and some piros, a little sport flying, then called it a day....
Definately a pleasure to hang out with the guys.. Tom West, Jeff Weston, Jeff Leech, Chuck, and I got to meet Jeff W's boss Don.

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