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It's a fine day to maiden . . .

Posted 05-03-2012 at 10:23 PM by Jermo
Updated 05-10-2012 at 02:19 PM by Jermo

Went to Firestone today to fly with the guys. I got there around 10AM. Ed was already there. I setup and wondered if I was carrying way too much stuff? Pantera, 500, Wheeled toolbox with fuel..etc, old 450 case with spares, charging case, battery case, transmitter case, foldup table, fold up canopy, fold up chair...WHEW!!

I'd been changing the throttle on the Pantera to get it more linear and lined up. I ended up putting two small washers on the carb shaft and locktite the shaft that holds the arm on at 90 degrees at the mid throttle mark. I re-adjusted the ball links to get closer to 100/-100 atv. If I recall I ended up around 115/-101. I changed my throttle curve points 2 and 3 (mid) to default and bumped point 4 up where 3 had been to set up hover at around 3/4 stick, the rest of the curve was straight to 100. I then tweaked the throttle curve around a bit. My first flight went pretty well but I had to tweak the idle throttle curve point on normal and hold. I did richen the idle screw a touch, probably 1/16, and leaned the mid stick slightly.

Time to fire her up!! Started pretty easily but as already noted I had to adjust idle... finally got her hovering and found my headspeed to be much higher. I found the heli to fly a bit better and the engine more responsive. Things still aren't where I want them. At the end of the flight the backplate was hot so I richened up the high end needle a bit.. the end of my flight was sport flying: big circles , fig 8s..etc... I worked nose in and piros mostly. I still don't have piros smooth in one spot.. I wonder if it could be my head setup?

Tom and Jeff had arrived before I flew so we hung out and shot the breeze. Ed mentioned some airshow folks would be practicing at the Lancaster airport if we wanted to go. Tom mentioned the Charlotte Aeromodlers were having a fun fly this Sat... darn.. I'll miss that due to a yard sale ..LOL..

Anyway, Ed needed to leave and wanted to see my 500 fly, he had helped me get the tail shaft 90 degrees to cut down the possibility of a wobble or such. The 500 flew quick and responsive but very bouncy. I need to check out if the Hobby Wing controller has a gov mode that actually works. I may just tweak the curves myself and see. The packs came down much warmer than I'd hoped but it could be that they are old. After all, he threw them in free with the heli and I didn't pay a lot for it all.

After flying the 500 I've come to really appreciate my Pantera. She bigger and has a feel you just have to experience to appreciate. I think I'll convert one of my hanger birds (parts models) over to electric....mmm... 500 uses 5s packs... 5s x 2 is 10s... I can probably do that easily with the Pantera...probably a Hobby Wing 80A HV ...and motor... mmmmm... perhaps by Christmas if not before...

May all your landings be soft and your repairs few.
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