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1 is the loneliest number . . .

Posted 05-10-2012 at 02:12 PM by Jermo

Thurs 5/10/2012.

Nobody was going to the field today besides me. The weather is a beautiful Carolina day around 70 degrees with a slight breeze (and some gusts). Scatter clouds but no rain.

I packed up the car as usual but left all the repair parts and extra tools at home. I'm feeling good!! I expected to only be there about an hour so I left the chairs and canopy at home as well.

Preflight on both birds went without incident. Pulling and pushing, tugging and jerking..everything feels and looks good. Oiled the parts that use it and fueled up the Pantera. Pulled pack 1 for the Trex 500 out and mounted it. I'm now ready for some flying.

1st flight was on the Trex 500. I have the timer on about 4m30s. These packs are 3300mAH but I suspect they are near the end of usable life since they come down around 80% or so..still working out my safe flight times for them. Running 12T at about 75% throttle the packs come down a bit warm. I changed the timing and degree of the ESC last night and it came down MUCH cooler. Did mostly tail in since this is the first flight. I did do some nose in just to get used to it. While flying the 500 a huge gust of wind knocked my hat off, knocked the Pantera off the table and some other stuff. It was hard to stay focused on the 500 but I managed. From 50% to 100% throttle it's a flat 75% with no gov mode. Linear pitch curves. The bird is still a bit bouncy but that could be the wind.

2nd Flight the Pantera started right up. The YS 61 is running like a swiss watch now that I know a little more on how to properly manage the fuel cutoff. I did some sport flying (turning towards me), some nose in, some tail in, T patterns. Brought her down once to check engine temp. Increased the hover needled 2 clicks rich. I'm amazed at just how steady and responsive the Pantera is. Much so more now that the engine is setup closer to correct. Landed without incident.

3rd flight with the 500. Mostly nose in and sport flying. I'm still getting small boughts of dumb thumbs at times when flying to my right. I need to focus and concentrate more on flying to my right most often until it's no longer an issue. I only had to bail out once with full collective and right rudder. A gust of wind bounced her in the air and I adjusted wrongly. Easy recovery and no issues afterwards.

I called it a day after that. Just wasn't as much fun to fly by myself. Robin was home doing house stuff and it's past 1:30PM.

Tomorrow is yet another day.
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