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You have to know your limits and how to mitigate them...

Posted 05-20-2012 at 07:00 AM by Jermo

My fiance' and I spent Thurs/Fri/Sat at Joe Nall this past week. If you've never been and have the opportunity you owe it to yourself to attend. It's primarily a fixed wing event but the rotary group is growing and healthy.
We had a really great time with Jeff, Cindy, Chuck, Ed ( Tom and Jeff L showed up but didn't camp). I didn't fly because they wanted $50 a day to fly . $65 for the week. We originally were only going to stay one day and asked how much... $50... needless to say I didn't fly my 500 or Pantera.
I'd been looking for a small micro to fly indoors and/or in the yard just to get more stick time that wasn't on the sim. Jeff, Chuck, and Ed all three have the Eflite MCPX. My past experiences with Eflite weren't good....Jeff let me fly his bird and I have to say I was hooked . It somehow handles the wind very well. The stock bird flies very well (I am running 45% expo where I'd normally not run any). Jeff knew a guy and I got a great deal on a BNF. Dropped by Harbor Freight on the way home to pick up a case. I used a coathanger with a battery charger to cut the stock foam down to fit in the case and VIOLA!! instant compact carrying case. I'll be modifying the foam a bit more to hold the charger and spares. I also picked up a parallel charging board from RC Accessories.

Overall Joe Nall was a great experience. RC Jets, Jet powered gliders, Planes of all kinds doing just about anything you can imagine. At night the skies appeard to be filled with UFO's of all shapes and sizes... the warm exhaust sounds lulling us off to sleep....

The main bath house was definately high rent. I've not seen such a well run and well setup event. I look foward to next year and will probably pre-register (and may even take the week to be there. ).

Two things I hope are fixed for next year:

1. I hope they take the weekly pilot fee and divide it out per day and have a lower daily rate. It was silly to charge $50 for someone to fly one day (or even two). The Helicopter flight lines were often empty.

2. Keep the fixed wing pilots in compliance with AMA. We had planes flying over us, the helicopter flight lines, and other cars/campers/people constantly. A few times we came close to having collisions. I had occasion to speak with one of the volunteers who said they were briefing pilots every morning and throughout the day. Things would get better for a while then pilots would start extending too far down again. I have to believe it's an honest mistake with a limitation on depth perception at extreme range. At the extreme distance you can't really tell that you're over X area. Maybe put orange barrier material accross the top of the tree line at the boundry so pilots can see it ? I'm not sure if that would work but who knows.. ?

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