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Good things come in small packages...

Posted 05-20-2012 at 07:28 PM by Jermo

It's a sunny but windy day in the carolina's. I got off work and decided to fly a few packs with the MCPX in the yard. Since it was windy I removed the verticle stab. 6 minutes for each pack. I found it fun to try and maintain position in the wind while working on slow piro trying to maintain altitude and position. With the wind it was even more of a challenge. I believe I'm up to 10 flights on this bird and am loving it. I did use some oil on the swash, grips, and anything that looked like it moved. I was bothered by an odd buzzing noise coming from what I thought was the main motor. Once while nose in the wind blew the model about a foot from my face and I noted that the sound was actually coming from the tail motor . The more I fly this little one the more I appreciate the low cost and practical flight time it affords me while at the same time lowering stress from fear of potentially crashing. I'm going through the Pantera head, doing a re-level and checking the setup just to ensure it's all good. The 500 just needs some throttle curve tweaks and it will be where I want it.

At the end of the day it's about flight time and building on successes.

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