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Steady as she goes

Posted 06-24-2012 at 02:54 PM by Jermo

It's been a while since I've flow anything other than a sim.
On my Pantera I lowered my swash pitch down to +- 8 degress rather than the 11 or 12 degrees I had and lowered the others to +- 6 degrees.
On startup the Pantera went WOT, killed throttle, not sure how but my throttle servo was reversed. Fixed that and restarted, started right up . It was 90ish degrees outside and my engine was running rich. I like it that way so left it. A few test hovers gave me the answer I wanted. I now have a much more steady and level hover with better response and precision. I'm getting where I want to go with her.... I did some basic hovering around tail - in circles and a few punch outs to test tail hold. All looked good. I tested idle up which also looked good albiet I have the end points lowered to prevent an overspeed due to gearing (probably wouldn't happen due to the pitch but never hurts to be safe)....

I plan to stay gov free and might change when I start inverted. I need to get more flight time.

I got a few flights on my MCPX, circles, figure 8's, then hit some wind and had a rough landing. Lost a grip link.

On the way home I stopped by the LHS to pick up some MCPX grip links. Their computer shows 6 packs in stock but we can't find 1 on the shelf. It's not organized very well. Guy at the LHS said it's possible someone pocketed them as it's normally not hard to find at least 1 pack... I ordered two packs and will wait for them to call. I have 2 spares at home so I'm ok...

The heat was a bit too much for me so I called it a day.
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