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Hi All,

The first thing i would like to say in my blog is a huge thank you to Will James, for permitting me to report on all the Helli news and activity from the UK.

I will try to get on and update the blog as often as i can or when something a "little special" pops out the wood work.
Ill be keeping you up to date with the UK competition scence throughout next year, as this is my first competitive year also so it should be an intereting ride.
I also plan to try to make most of the fun fly's and get some coverage of those but with so many now filling the UK calander its going to be a busy year.

Hope you enjoy.
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SETUP: Align FL760 Flybarless Setup Walkthrough

Posted 01-01-2010 at 07:06 PM by lex7919
Updated 01-02-2010 at 06:22 AM by lex7919


Contrary to other FBL systems, the Align system needs the radio in 120′ swash mode.
Press the SET button while powering on – this brings you into the 1st setup phase. Here you set everything to zero. Adjust collective pitch to +/- 14′ by adjusting the swash %. For cyclic, simply adjust the aileron cyclic pitch to +/-14′, again by adjusting the swash %. Use the same swash % for elevator.
This completes phase 1.
Press the SET button to go to Phase 2 – setting the Elevator Limit. Simply move the elevator stick to full positive and negative travel.
Press the SET button to go to Phase 3 – setting the Elevator Direction. Check that the swash moves in the right direction. If not, reverse the direction by moving the stick to alternate the light from green to red (or vice versa)
Do the same for Aileron.
Swash done. Power off.
Power on (not holding the SET button). After power on, check that the swash moves in the right direction by tilting the heli. Swash moves in the opposite direction for both elevator and aileron.
Press the SET button for 3 seconds. This enters the tail setup. Simply set up the tail as you would the Align 760 tail gyro.
All done.
In the radio – set your roll rates by increasing or decreasing the swash %. Tail gyro gain is set like any other tail gyro.
Go fly.
The kit comes with a FBL head, sensor, control box, special servo wheels and a nifty “flybar” holder to check the pitch. At least you have a use for the flybars in your spare parts drawer…
Guys – this thing is the best thing since sliced bread. It flies awesomely. My only problem now is what to do with my SK360s and V-bars




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