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First (better not be last!) flights of the labor day weekend

Posted 08-30-2008 at 06:48 PM by maxadventure

Haven't managed to get out for a while, but I've slowly been getting a few heli's together. Used my classic 'nap time escape' to run out without interrupting my family life. Had the 'the twins' (Pantera 50, ePantera), and the CopterX prepped and ready to go.
Due to some higher force, I turned the wrong way to fly the Pantera 50 that I was the most eager to get out, since I'd just finished the rebuild from the failed cyclic servo incident. So, I was headed to the electric flying field and figured it may be all I had time for anyway.
I could not have asked for a better day, no warmer than 90, empty field, almost no wind! First out: did a quick test with the two cell CopterX - I couldn't tell during my test hover in the driveway, but at 2/3 the RPM, just didn't have much climb at all. However it was quite docile and pleasant to fly around in general. Reminded me a lot of the MX400. Second battery, three cell, oh yeah! this is the angry wasp that is my CopterX! I was really feeling comfortable and after some slow precision practice in various orientations, I took it up and started doing flips. No nerves, no pucker - it really was a great flying day! I even started going for some nicely formed loops and hesitating inveretd instead of just trying to get back right side up, asap!

So, timer goes off and I decide to go for another battery. I'm mostly screwing around, flipping some more and concider trying some roles. I've been doing really well / smooth /getting more precise on the sim, when I realize I forgot to hit the timer -

soooo, I'm bringing it back down to land, figure I can just start with a fresh battery when the tail just lets go with about three feet of altitude. I manage throttle hold before it hits and as far as I can tell, all I lost were the cheap Chineese carbons. Looks like the boom slid out, over stressed the belt and something sheared in the tail drive pulley. *sigh* another machanical due to cheap CopterX. YA GET WHAT YA PAY FOR! (I still don't regret getting it).
Anyway, that leaves the ePantera....
actually, kinda anti-climactic. Flew great, as usual. I played around with the cyclic, but it seems so slow I didn't want to try tumbling. I'm going to look at the head setup and see how the radio is set for the eccpm. Really, I'm even more convinced it's begging for a scale body.
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