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The Protos is back...

Posted 06-22-2010 at 12:40 PM by mlucia

Sold the Protos early this year and replaced with Trex 500esp. After 20 flights on the Trex I remembered all to well how much I liked the Protos and the reason I bought it to begin with

(I go through this thing called 'Builders Syndrome". It is an evil addiction that when you have everything up and running, you get bored and start reading about other heli's and end up getting so obsessed you HAVE to buy one. This is how the Trex 500esp came about......for the 2nd time )

In any case, I now have the carbon framed Protos, Scorpion MSH motor, YGE MSH esc and the updated parts of course.

The 7 flights I did Sunday were nothing but pleasing. Low head speed smooth 3d, cracked out head speed 3d, this is a versatile machine.

Although the Protos has become more popular in the past 2 years I am surprised more people do not fly them. Simply put, they are missing out.

Needless to say; the Trex 500esp will be collecting dust until I feel bad enough to sell it. Oh, if your interested PM me and let's wheel and deal

It's good to be back..

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