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Learning to fly these things we call Helicopters
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well crap....

Posted 03-12-2008 at 01:45 PM by mysticmead

I was doing a little hover practice in my front yard yesterday and was adding in a light prep for forward flight. I would take the heli out about 30 feet and then stop.. hover and bring it back stop hover... rinse and repeat.. no big deal and I think it's helping me get over that fear of first forward flight.. in fact, I guess you could say that since I did move it forward, that was forward flight

now for the oh crap part.. my belt slipped yesterday, so after landing I checked the tension, it was loose (maybe that rough landing last weekend loosened it) enough that it wold climb the gear and I'd lose tail rotor speed. I decided to go ahead and tighten the belt. no big deal right?? loosen a couple screws at the boom block and loosen the fin mount block.. boom block screws, no problem. fin mount block.. BIG problem. seems like Helipro thought it necessary to CA those screws in. and because of that, the heads broke off almost flush with the nice aluminum block. I managed to no break the 2 screws that hold the boom supports to the block, but both top screws broke off. I tried drilling them out (after following a suggestion of cutting a slot in the screw and working them out with heat, that didn't work). drilled one out and was in the process of drilling the second one with a little bit larger bit when it snapped off.. inside the hole making it a hardened steel filled hole with no hopes of getting it out.

I'm heading to my LHS today and I'll get the plastic align block.. might even get 2 if they have them in white. then I can dye one yellow to match the other plastic on my heli.. lesson learned. never buy another RTF, buy it in kit form and build it myself so I know it's built right. which is my plan for my next heli... it'll either be a hurricane 550 or a SJM500... still haven't decided...
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    mk1spitfire's Avatar
    Knightmare for you!
    Posted 03-15-2008 at 07:17 PM by mk1spitfire mk1spitfire is offline
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    snjbird's Avatar
    Yes, kits are the way to go! I always find it is easier to take learning from my own mistakes rather than someone else’s! I just built a Trex 500 and I am finding it to be my favorite heli! Good fit on most parts and it is a rocket ship with TP 2200 22.2 batteries!
    Posted 03-16-2008 at 09:45 AM by snjbird snjbird is offline

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