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wow... been a LONG time

Posted 02-11-2009 at 09:56 PM by mysticmead

has it been 10 months since I posted in here... WOW... time sure does fly when you're.... well... flying

Since my last post in here. I have left the BH450 behind... well.. I crashed the hell out of it almost totalling it.. it's back together now and if anyone wants to buy it, let me know and I'll make you a good deal on it. I now fly a Gaui Hurricane 550... and I mean FLY it... I hovered around and hovered around... all on a soccer field... I could fly the crap out of a heli on real Flight... I just didn't have the guts to do it in real life...

I got to watch my flying buddy and his Trex 450 fly around... while I just hovered.. playing it nice and safe. Until last weekend. We decided that we needed a lot more room now that he had a Trex 600.. so we stopped across the road from the soccer field and got permission to use a nice BIG open space, it's about 30 acres in size...

this time, my flying buddy was the one that got to see me fly.. I said screw it and went into FFF just like on the sim... it was EXACTLY like the sim, I was making big banked circles, and high speed passes...and it felt incredible to see my Hurri doing what it was made to do... fly!!!!

now I can't wait til I can get back out there.. maybe tomorrow if the weather clears.. I have purchased a 7s A123 pack so I can get more flights in.. I look at it this way.. Fly, land... charge.. fly land charge.. rinse and repeat.. since there's normally 15 minutes between flights... well... at least 15 beteween flights (we talk alot don't we) it should work out great!!

next month is the B'Ham fun fly... I'm already planning on going to that...not sure how far along my real flying will be.. but it should catch up to the sim flying soon...
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